Adopting Bitcoin

A Lightning Summit in El Salvador
16 - 18 November 2021

Join the network in El Salvador!

The adoption of Bitcoin in the Republic of El Salvador caused excitement around the world. It’s time to shine! Adopting Bitcoin is bringing together the Bitcoin and Lightning community in San Salvador and El Zonte to create connections and foster the future of money and payments in the Central American republic.

This conference will include three days of renowned speakers, engaging panels, educational tracks, demos and hands-on workshops in English and Spanish. Welcoming developers, businesses and general enthusiasts to network and form in-person connections. Vamos!

100% of profits from the summit will be donated to support Lightning Network development.

Adopting Bitcoin 2021 is presented by Galoy – bringing Bitcoin banking solutions to companies and communities around the world.


“We are all equal before a wave.” Laird Hamilton
16 - 18 November 2021

And we are all equal before Bitcoin. In this sense, there is no better place than El Salvador to celebrate the leaps we have been making, and no better place to take greater waves riding the Lightning Network.



Tuesday Nov 16, San Salvador
  • Lightning 101 Workshop
  • Tech/developer track (research/tech, for developers)
  • Economic Track


Wednesday Nov 17, San Salvador
  • Lightning 101 Workshop
  • Tech/developer track (research/tech, for developers)
  • Economic Track


Thursday Nov 18, El Zonte/El Tunco
  • Meet the local people who started the bitcoin initiative @BitcoinBeach
  • Food court 10a - 6p in El Zonte
  • Taproot Activation Party in El Tunco

Get ready for a full week of Bitcoin events!

Bitcoiners from around the world will be flocking to El Salvador for our flagship event "Adopting Bitcoin" -- the first global Lightning Summit in more than two years.
There will be several other events taking place during the same week. Most notably LABitConf.com, with a hackathon starting Nov 15, and a business conference starting Nov 18.
(NOTE: you will need to purchase separate tickets to attend LABitConf)

If you are planning a satellite event, please reach out, so that we can coordinate on behalf of all visitors and attendees.


Lightning only

Tickets for this event can be paid with bitcoin over Lightning only.

Ticket Schedule

Late Mover from November 1 $300


Sheraton Presidente
San Salvador

Re-energize at the pool, gather at the bar, and enjoy an excellent service. The professional convention center with top notch conference rooms is just a few steps away from San Salvador’s fabulous shops.

Bitcoin Beach
El Zonte

Our favorite town in El Salvador: Beautiful beaches, great surfing, amazing restaurants, friendly people and of course, the place where the adoption of Bitcoin in the country was pioneered.


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Adopting Bitcoin

Sheraton Presidente
Ave. La Revolucion,
San Salvador, El Salvador