Anders Helseth

Anders is a Senior Analyst at Arcane Research. He has been the project lead of the newly launched Arcane report, “The State of Lightning”, and will be presenting the key findings at the Adoption Bitcoin conference. This non-technical in-depth report on the Bitcoin Lightning Network concentrates on current and future adoption and gives an overview of the current ecosystem. Before entering the bitcoin space, Anders specialized in monetary economics and policy. He has extensive experience as a consultant, building data-driven industry reports for various companies and government agencies. An economist by heart, that couldn’t resist the urge to move to a bitcoin career. Arcane Research is a part of the publicly listed company Arcane Crypto, and provides research and analysis mainly focusing on bitcoin.

Day 2 | ECON Track | 9:30 - 9:55

The State of Lightning - a Helicopter View

Early October, Arcane Research, in collaboration with Lightning Labs, released "The State of Lightning" report, a helicopter view of The Lightning Network through mapping the landscape, evaluating growth, and analyzing usage. This presentation will summarize the findings of the report for a non-technical audience.

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The State of Lightning

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Una vista al estado del Lightning


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