Antoine Poinsot

Antoine is the co-founder of Revault, as well as Bitcoin Core and C-lightning contributor.

Day 1 | DEV Track | 1:35 - 2:00

Fee-bumping for presigned transactions protocols

Antoine will be presenting a method for managing a watchtower wallet used for supplementing the fees of cancel transactions in Revault ( Firstly, the security assumptions of protocols relying on the timely confirmation of pre-signed transactions will be presented. Secondly, Antoine will show how to supplement fees with Lightning and Revault. Finally, he'll propose a UTxO pool management solution tailored to the Revault usecase but whose concepts are applicable to Lightning (and any other presigned tx protocol, really) as well.

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Watch - Revault: A Multiparty Bitcoin Vault Architecture

Revault: A Multiparty Bitcoin Vault Architecture


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