Gael Sanchez Smith

Gael is the author of the book "Bitcoin lo Cambia Todo" and the newsletter "La Era de Bitcoin"

Day 1 | ECON Track | 10:15 - 11:00

El Salvador - Paving the Way for Bitcoin Adoption in Latin America

This panel reviews the characteristics of LATAM as a region and the different use cases that bitcoin offers to over half a billion humans in the continent. From remittances to financial protection, Bitcoin is proving to be a powerful technology changing lives and transforming the meaning of money itself. In the context of weak currencies and authoritarian regimes, Bitcoin is a financial tool and freedom technology.

Jehudi Castro Sierra - Former Vice-Minister of Digital Economy Colombia
Monica Taher - Technological & Economic International Affairs at Trade & Investments Secretariat - Government of El Salvador
Gael Sánchez Smith - Author of Bitcoin lo Cambia Todo
Carlos Miguel Rivas Carillo - President El Salvador Entrepreneurs Association

Host: Camila Campton - Social Media Manager Swan Bitcoin


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Adopting Bitcoin

Sheraton Presidente
Ave. La Revolucion,
San Salvador, El Salvador