John Carvalho

John Carvalho is a 9-year Bitcoin veteran that has been a staunch defender of "toxic" Bitcoin Maximalist ideals, while participating in the full spectrum of Bitcoin communities, projects, and events. In March 2020, John left his role as CCO at Bitrefill, the most successful international Bitcoin e-commerce company in the world, to pursue a new vision for Bitcoin. At Bitrefill, he helped promote the Lightning Network from its earliest days, including working with Bitfinex to become the first major exchange to add Lightning support. For the past 20 months, John has been working as CEO at a new, stealth-mode company to research, design, and develop cutting-edge technology and products for Bitcoin that will pave the way for a post-hyperbitcoinized social economy.

Day 1 | ECON Track | 2:05 - 2:30

Architecting a Self-Sovereign Economy

A new set of products and open-source technology are released and built to allow for a post-hyperbitcoinized world. The vision is to empower a social economy that does not require banks, governments, or Big Tech. This will include core design principles, rationale, and a new technology Bitcoiners can build with and utilize to take control of their self-sovereignty on the internet.

Day 1 | ECON Track | 3:05 - 3:55

If it looks better, it works better

Designing for Bitcoin is seemingly more complex. Is it possible to create products all while upholding the core values of self-sovereignty?

Anthony Potdevin - Co-Founder Amboss Technologies
Johns Beharry - Bitcoin designer at Peak Shift
John Carvalho - The Biz

Host: Alexandra Moxin - Advance Tech Podcast

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The Biz

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Tales from the Crypt #79: John Carvalho


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