Konstantin Nick

Konstantin is a developer passionate about Bitcoin, Lightning and games. He previously built the Lightning native games Donnerdungeon and Bitcoin Bounty Hunt. Recently he turned his focus away from games and more on Bitcoin and Lightning development. He is currently working with Blockstream on a decentralized peer infrastructure software and is an avid runner and proponent of nix-bitcoin.

Day 1 | DEV Track | 9:45 - 10:10

Peer Infrastructure Improvement

Warren Togami and Konstantin Nick will be revealing a new Open Source infrastructure project that enhances routing for all LN nodes (c-lightning and LND at first). It uses a radically different approach to reduce the difficulty and cost of channel balancing while also cutting the cost of capital for all LN nodes.

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Watch - Potzblitz with Konstantin Nick from Donnerlab

Potzblitz with Konstantin Nick from Donnerlab


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