Pierre-Marie Padiou

Pierre-Marie Padiou is the CEO and cofounder of ACINQ. Founded in 2014, ACINQ is one of the main developers of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Pierre-Marie is passionate about both technology and entrepreneurship. He considers himself very lucky to have the opportunity of building meaningful products and services for such a major innovation as Bitcoin.

Day 1 | DEV Track | 3:05 - 3:55

The Future of Lightning Custody

Self-custody of funds and holding the keys to your bitcoin is probably the most important best practice when starting to use Bitcoin, echoed in the mantra "Not your keys, not your coins". How can this mantra survive with millions of new users being onboarded to Lightning?

Pierre Marie Padiou - CEO of ACINQ
Nicolas Burtey - CEO of Galoy
Roy Sheinfeld - CEO of Breez
Conor Okus - Product Manager at Square Crypto

Host: Aaron van Wirdum - Bitcoin Magazine


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Adopting Bitcoin

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